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Come see why we are the area's fastest growing dance studio!

Manchester based Miss Kelsey's Dance Studio

Specializes in Pre-School through Adults from Beginners to Advanced Level dance

Why choose MKDS.

We believe in a quality dance education with a professional and certified staff. Our goal is to provide a positive and fun learning environment with small class sizes for our students. This allows each dancer individual attention along with the tools to develop a proper technique, self-esteem, team work, confidence and their own love of dance.

Dance Benefits.

The benefits of dance go far beyond better test scores. Dance helps relieve stress and gives students a healthy outlet for creativity and self-expression, helping in building self-esteem and self-confidence. Kids encourage one another in class. They gain a sense of accomplishment when a dance is memorized or a performance has been executed. Performing on stage in front of an audience gives a dancer exposure to ‘doing or speaking’ in front of others..

What We Do.

Miss Kelsey's Dance Studio is a family friendly dance studio offering classes for ages 1.5 through Adults, with competitive and non-competitive programs. Our pre-school program is our most popular and fastest growing program designed to provide a safe, fun and nurturing environment for our youngest dancers to express themselves through movement while building a solid foundation for their dance education.

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Dance Spirit Month

Dance Spirit Month!

DECEMBER MONTH THEME... "Parents see 3 white binders on coffee tables in lobby to see what fun activities are happening for the Preschool Dance Program!

Costume deposits


Costume deposits are due by November 6th. Balances are due November 30th and will be placed on accounts by November 8th. Please see front desk with any questions!

Summer Camp


We’ve combined our most popular dance classes and beloved summer camps (Princess Dance Camp) and together have created this magnificent program…the Princess Dance Academy!

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